PERFORMANCE ART by Will & Garrett Huxley
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Performing at Midsumma Closing Night 2018
photos Alexis D Lea
This is a litte song we wrote and performed in response the the plebiscite in Australia regarding Same Sex Marriage. It's not ok to vote NO. Religion and Family are not excuses to be homophobic and to preach hate. Love is Love
Fuck You video 2018
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The eight artists involved in this chapter of Discordianism are embracing the ideas born out of the book Principia Discordia and taking what was originally a parody religion and seeing if it is possible to make it real for themselves and others, using their performance practice as a vehicle for recruiting and formalising this anti
establishment belief system within and funded by the establishment.
Discordia is not a cynical satire; it’s a live and fluid construction of a pact that is constantly changing, decentralised and gleefully disorganised.
Trying to create order amidst the complexity of everyday life is a fool’s game. We are not in control and the belief that we are creates fear of losing control, which drives anxiety, oppression, hatred and narcissism.
Our lives are constantly on the edge of sudden and radical change. With this in mind, we are seeking individuals and self-organising communities to work with us in the search for finding meaning and freedom in holy chaos.

Discordia Perfomance, Arts Centre Melbourne 2017

'Born to be Alive' performance at Sydney Contemporary 2017

Sydney Contemporary 2017

The Ends, Performing in Inflatable  Costumes and Sculptures designed and made by Garrett & Will Huxley based on anatomical illustrations. In collaboration with Supplefox at the Arbory, Melbourne.  2016

'Glam Car Crash' with Will Huxley, Gabi Barton, Benjamin Hancock and James Andrews.  2016

Duets, with The Stain, La Mama Theatre, Melbourne.  2016  photography Jamie James

Kiss Kiss Kiss, at Yummy,  Melba Spiegeltent, Melbourne.  2016  photography  Peter Leslie

The Ballad of S.O.S, at All We Cannot Say, Boon Companions, Melbourne.  2106

'On the Other Side of the Rainbow' performance, with MADE and Supplefox, Dark Mofo, MONA, Hobart.  2016

'Papa Don't Preach'  performance at Nancy, Melbourne.  2016

Video of S.O.S Live performance, Balcklist, Dark Mofo, Supplefox, MONA, Hobart.  2015

S.O.S Live Performance, Balacklist, Dark Mofo, MONA, Hobart.  2015 

photographs courtesy of Supplefox and Phil Kitt photography

S.O.S Live Performance at Bakehouse Studios, Melbourne.  2016  photography by Barry Takes Photos

S.O.S Live Performance at Fringe Festival, Arts House, Melbourne.  2015

S.O.S (Style Over Substance) presents Eat Glitter Runway Show for Dress Loud

At Bakehouse Studio's for Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2015

Showcasing costumes used in video and photographic works by S.O.S.

Garrett and Will Huxley undertook a pop up art installation by running a bar for a month in Melbourne's popular Carlton Club Hotel. Making over an empty white room from scratch to feature colourful art wotks and an immersive disco decadent experience. The Bar was a high concept experience featuring art works pasted on lurid walls. Performance art every week. Costumes and constant extravaganza. It was a mini stuido 54 on an art trip.  2015