COSTUMES by Will & Garrett Huxley



Wormholes 2018

Meredith Music Festival


Round Midnight 2018

We Are Luxury Exhibition, Hong Kong


Aviary at the Arbory 2018

pod 2.jpg

Tea with Liberace 2018

Bauhaus Worms.jpg

Bauhaus Worms 2018

photo Jeffrey Feng

Denim Dungeon.jpg

Denim Dungeon 2018

Golden Days, 2017

Coral Pod, 2017 

Under Presssure,  2017
Golden Balls,  2016

Lightning Strikes, 2017

Under Presssure,  2017

Clam Happy,  2016
The Ends,  2016
The Ends,  2016
Parramatta Lanes,  2016
Puff Ball,  2015
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?  2016
Creative Collective Exhibition MSFW,  2016 (Pod Head and Puff Ball Costumes 2015)
Pill Heads,  2015
Pod Heads,  2015
Kiss Kiss Kiss,  (Performance 2016) Costumes 2015
Get Happy,  2015

Pod Heads, Hallowine,  2015

No Regrets,  2015
Fur Real, Dark Mofo, MONA,   2015
Inspired by Traditional European Pagan Costumes

Fur Real, Dark Mofo, MONA,   2015

Fur Real, Dark Mofo, MONA,   2015



Sign Your Name is an extravagant dress designed and constructed by Will & Garrett Huxley made out of painters canvas. The costumes purpose is to act as a petition against current anti gay laws around the world that discriminate against the LGBTQIA community, the audience are encouraged to take part in the piece by signing it. 

The dress is made of painter’s canvas, which is heavy and restricting. The design is old fashioned and restricts freedom, much like the discriminatory laws that the petition is opposing. The aim of the garment is that it keeps on growing with panels of fabric that fill with signatures each time it is exhibited. The costume will stand as a symbol against such laws that discriminate against basic human rights. The installation of the dress is designed to incorporate performance from artists who wear the dress and bring it to life in their own unique fashion. The dress also comes with a sonic montage of inspiring LGBTQIA musical artists from throughout history.